Review #1

Good day, my loyal followers! Like I promised, I’m back. The reason I couldn’t grace you with my presence earlier was because I was really busy with….well….Life. It just happens to get in the way. 😁 Anyway, today I’m writing a review about a book by one of my favorite authors, Jude Deveraux. This book is titled ‘The Raider’.
Now, I just love a good romance novel, especially if the author’s initials are J.D. 😁 But the reason that I loved this book was because mainly, I have this fetish for masked vigilantes, like Zorro. He just makes my heart go Boom Boom.. 😍 but I really don’t like Antonio Banderas.. The role should have been given to someone else, like Henry Cavill. 🙂 ANYWAY!! The Raider happens to be a story just like that, albeit funnier and better.
It is set during the British Rule in America. The male protagonist is Alex Montgomery, who just like the other Montgomery children is dashing, a debonair and just plain SEXY! He hasn’t been to his home town in a while and is returning after a disturbing message from his sister. When he gets there, he finds out about the perils that have befallen his family and the people of his town. They are under strict rule by a British High Officer who, Alex’s darling sister was stupid enough to marry. He’s taken over their house and their lands. Alex’s father is handicapped so he basically can’t do anything and his brothers are on their voyages so they didn’t receive his sister’s letters. He decides to take matters into his own hands by disguising himself as The Raider and helping his town at night and masquerading as a fat invalid during the day. Meanwhile, after returning, he runs into his Childhood enemy, Jessica Taggert, who, he can’t help but notice, has grown reeeeeeeeeeally fit in the time that he was away. Bingo! Cupid’s Arrows strike again! However, things get complicated as Jessica really hates his guts and prefers his brothers. Now, I won’t divulge the story further but there are a few things that I couldn’t digest. One, no one, and I repeat, no one was able to recognize Alex. Why? Well because he padded himself with clothes and pillows. But wouldn’t it seem weird that the shoulders appear really lean while only certain regions appeared well endowed? And two, I got irritated of Jessica. She appeared really dense sometimes. I felt like hitting her over the head. Apart from this, her character was great.
Anyway, other than these two glitches, I couldn’t find a problem and since Jude’s one of my favorites, I really hate dissecting her stories for negative points. All in all, it was a fun read. It made me laugh, smile, say ‘Awwww!!’, blush and angry. A novel that has me exhibiting all of these emotions, is perfect. Thank you, Jude, for this amazing Novel and also for being historically accurate! 😂

The Reader,


Saying Hi to the World..

Hi! I’m 20 and a Bibliophile. I like to call myself ‘The Reader’. I find each and every book as a door to a new world where I can do anything and be anything that I want.
I read Fanfiction, Novels, Novellas, Short stories, One-Shots, Two-Shots and the list goes on! You probably get the picture. So, through this blog, I’ll be letting you know what’s on my Hot Books list, what to read and what not to read and everything else I most probably feel like. :mrgreen: And just so you know, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and a Jily shipper so I can tell you where to find the best Jily stories. Stay tuned for more!


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